Skynet Executive Summary

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented surge in the development of technologies reliant on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to fuel their operations and drive innovation. From generative AI to immersive gaming experiences, Virtual Reality (VR) simulations to cutting-edge medical imaging, the demand for GPU-driven solutions has skyrocketed across various sectors. However, GPU production has not kept pace amidst this explosive growth in technological advancement, and scarcity creates high prices. This has created a significant gap in the market, where these rapidly evolving technologies need help finding the necessary GPU resources to support their expanding needs in a more cost-effective manner. Innovative solutions are required to address the scarcity of GPU resources and bolster the progression of GPU-dependent technologies. This cannot be usefully implemented for most use cases without pairing it with Compute and Storage resources that are also highly available. Here, Skynet offers a pioneering solution through its Supercloud that provides and manages a decentralized distributed network of GPUs and fault-tolerant computing infrastructure. Skynet approaches the issue of GPU availability and cost by tapping into the underutilized potential of data centers, enterprises, miners, and high-end consumer devices worldwide. By harnessing these underutilized resources and clustering them, Skynet effectively addresses the global shortage of GPUs, optimizing their availability and utilization on a massive scale. Through Skynet's decentralized platform, enterprises, individuals, and consumers gain unprecedented access to GPU resources alongside compute and storage solutions, ushering in a paradigm shift in how resources are harnessed and leveraged. In summary, Skynet isn’t just a marketplace for GPU/Compute or a cheap way to access and utilize decentralized resources –it's a genuine competitor to Hyperscalers such as AWS and Azure resources.

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