Skynet Introduction

Skynet operates a Decentralized Physical Infrastructural Network (DePIN) Supercloud platform, strategically redefining the distribution and utilization of GPUs, Compute and Storage globally. Developed by the Decloud Labs team, this scalable and decentralized platform empowers enterprises, individuals, and consumers to tap into distributed resources instead of relying on centralized providers.

At the core of Skynet's mission is the optimization, utilization, and accessibility of GPU resources for computational-intensive technological innovations across various sectors, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), gaming, medical imaging, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and blockchain validation.

At a high level, Skynet consists of 3 primary layers:

  • DePIN Layer: This layer consolidates GPU, Storage, and Compute resources from enterprises, data centers, miners, and consumers to form a highly resilient cluster architecture managed by independent operators. The Skynet Supercloud then sits as an abstraction layer on top of this, creating a decentralized, cohesive, reliable, and cost-effective platform.

  • Protocol Layer: This layer offers built-in capabilities leveraging the DePIN layer, which manages use cases for different Enterprise and Consumer needs. These capabilities enable AI models, content streaming, Intellectual Property management, gaming servers, and more.

  • Ecosystem Layer: Ecosystem projects provide the interface to and specific use cases for the Skynet Protocol. They consist of a mixture of Products that may be partly funded by Skynet or by any 3rd party who wishes to utilize the Skynet Supercloud and offer service atop it.

This article will do a deep dive into each of these layers in the next sections.

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