Skynet Ecosystem

The Ecosystem projects are how Enterprise users, Developers, and Consumers will generally interact with resources provided by Skynet. Whether it is deployment tooling, new products, and services, or brand-new use cases, the strategy of the team behind Skynet is to enable and support other projects and organizations to do the heavy lifting of building on top of the Skynet Supercloud.

This section will give you a brief summary of the Ecosystem projects currently operating or in the process of being built. Note that all but the last two projects already have a working product built on Skynet at the time of writing.

The current ecosystem projects include:

  • The StackOS Deployment console enables the configuration and operation of any containerized application and is aimed at Enterprise usage.

  • The StackOS App Store contains a set of curated and commonly used applications that can be consumed by Enterprises and Developers.

  • The FusionX Studio enables developers and content creators to create and distribute a range of digital Real World Assets that use the FusionX xNFT standard and utilize Skynet's GPU Compute and Storage

  • FusionX Marketplace offers features similar to NFT marketplaces like OpenSea but specifically aimed at executable NFTs (xNFTs).

  • Armur - a Large Language Model (LLM) platform that provides developer security tooling for code scans, Smart Contract Audits, AI Pentests, and LLM security.

  • ShopAI - an xNFT marketplace dedicated to the provision, sale, and distribution of AI Agents and services

  • DeSteam - a decentralized gaming marketplace for Publishers and independent developers who wish to sell and distribute their games to Web2 and Web3 audiences.

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