Subnet DAO Functions

The subnet DAO performs various functions within the Skynet protocol, including:

  • Changing subnet status: Controls the availability of a subnet, toggling between active and inactive status.

  • Changing cluster status: Manages the availability of individual GPU/Compute clusters within the subnet.

  • Setting fees for subnet clusters: Determines fees for clusters seeking to join a subnet, ensuring sustainable and competitive pricing over time.

  • Whitelisting clusters: Maintains an approved list of clusters, regulating subnet security by controlling cluster access.

  • Adjusting subnet compute prices: Modifies compute prices within a subnet to maintain profitability and adapt to market conditions.

  • Adjusting revenue distribution weight of clusters: Ensures fair revenue distribution among individual clusters within the subnet.

  • Setting subnet parameters: Establishes subnet parameters, including available resources, deployable application types, and subnet size.

Ultimately, the subnet DAO plays a pivotal role in optimizing subnets and underlying protocol architecture to achieve optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness within the Skynet ecosystem.

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