Types of Subnet

The Skynet protocol encompasses various subnet types tailored to specific GPU and Compute requirements:

  • Public Subnet: Accessible to the public, these subnets cater to applications that do not necessitate high-security measures or authorization before use. Users or enterprises utilizing this subnet do not require permission, it is permissionless.

  • Private Subnet: Reserved and restricted, private subnets furnish computing resources for applications demanding heightened security and privacy. Only whitelisted enterprises or entities can access these private subnets. Configuration of automated failover between different private subnets is the responsibility of the Enterprise/Entity.

  • Sovereign Subnet: Sovereign subnets are inaccessible to any other parties besides the entity that established them. And this is because it is dedicated to the sole use of the creating entity. An example of this would be an Enterprise scale AI company utilizing Skynet for their own AI training and inference.

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